How to Boost Your Dog’s Immune System

Holistic healthcare for pets focuses on the advantages of preventing disease. Fundamental to this goal is supporting our dog and cat’s own defense: the immune system. adfox

Many holistic veterinarians feel the main reason pets get sick is that something is interfering with the body’s natural power to heal itself. Exposure to toxins and a diet of processed, nutrient depleted food are prime suspects.

One of the best ways to support the immune system is the use of dietary supplements that give it the fuel to fight disease. bitpapa

Nutritional Supplements for Sick Pets

Nutritional supplements can improve your pet’s ability to fight disease before illness strikes. Your vet may suggest immune support supplements to help with the following conditions:

  • Infectious disease, such as feline respiratory disease, kennel cough, distemper
  • Chronic infections of the skin and coat
  • Cancer
  • Lethargy or undefined illness in older pets


Maintaining a Healthy Immune System in Cats and Dogs

Follow these steps to counter the effects of exposure to toxins or inadequate nutrition from diet: moneyrule

  • Minimize the use of antibiotics and vaccinations. Ask your vet to do a titer test to determine necessary vaccines instead of getting annual shots. If your dog or cat requires antibiotics, follow up with a probiotic supplement to replace healthy bacteria the antibiotics destroy. spicecinemas
  • Feed your dog or cat a high quality natural diet. Avoid foods with chemical preservatives and dyes and animal and plant by-products. When you have the chance, prepare fresh food that includes meats and vegetables.
  • Minimize the use of chemicals such as those found in pesticides, householder cleaners and chemical flea protection products.
  • Provide nutritional supplements that contain herbs and vitamins specifically to help immune functions. Echinacea and Astragalus are two botanicals that stimulate or restore proper immune functions.
  • Finally, baebed exercise your pets and give them plenty of love. Overall fitness and stress levels also play a part in maintaining a healthy immune system.


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