Mommy, I Don’t Want to See the Dentist

Has your child ever run off kicking and screaming after hearing the dreaded phrase, “you have a dentist appointment”? After hearing dreadful stories from others as well as wrong information from friends, your child’s view of a nice dentist can be swayed by their simple fears. Everyone is allowed to be afraid of the dentist the first time they go. It is completely normal to feel that way. I mean, Fort Lauderdale Dentist who would want a weird doctor in a white lab coat searching around their mouth? Cosmetic Dentistry and the dentist industry are here to help. With specialized, children friendly dentist offices and doctors and nurses, they can assure that your child will love their first dentist visit. With lots of prizes at the end and a balloon to take home, it is well worth the appointment.

Even though your child may have found a newfound love for the dentist, Fort Lauderdale Bus Charter you probably want to clear up your schedule as a parent so that you are not so busy. There is a very simple way to keep your dentist visits down to a minimum of two visits per year. The simple and fastest way to assure that this happens is to make sure that your child brushes their teeth at least two times a day. If they do not do this, they are at risk for cavity and plaque buildup in their teeth. This type of neglect only results in more and more dental visits, some visits that the kids may not enjoy so much.

Another small thing that parents can do until kids can do it themselves is flossing. Dentists persist and push parents and children to continue flossing each and every day and after every meal. Flossing finishes where a toothbrush cannot finish. It reaches all of the hard to reach nooks and crannies of your mouth. Without floss you are missing a lot of spaces that will not be as clean as the rest Fore more details please visit site:- of your mouth can be. Another great thing to use for after brushing is rinsing with mouthwash. Kids usually do not like mouthwash because it “burns”. The burning sensation is the tingling of the alcohol in the mouthwash. There is non-alcohol filled mouthwash for kids with a bubble gum flavor that also provides good Fluoride content that most dentists would recommend.

Most dentists would also recommend that you practice teaching your children how to take good care of their mouths, gums, and teeth each and every day. Your child’s mouth is an important place and it needs to be taken care of properly in order to maintain a clean and healthy mouth. These are the sort of things that the dentist will be looking for when your child comes in for a routine check up.

Your child does not have to be scared of the dentists, in fact, it can sometimes be quite enjoyable. Use these early age visits to teach them that oral care for their mouth and teeth is extremely important. They will use these skills for the rest of their life.


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