My Method For Using Stock Market News to Your Advantage

Where do you get your stock market news? There is no shortage of news out there and with the invention of the internet and other modern technology, one can get financial news from around the globe 24 hours a day. In fact, investors routinely come to work at 2 or 3AM to get a jump on the European market news before it affects our country. Stock market news is everywhere and we can’t deny that with the rapid news cycle, optoki the day to day movements in the market have become even more difficult to process by the retail investor.

How do you sift through the huge, often intimidating amount of news out there? My advice, and what has worked for me, is to find sources of news that you trust and block out the overly opinionated stories that you will find. They will do very little to make you money.

Next, remember that while the financial networks on the cable channels are often a great source of factual information, their first job is to attract readers, listeners, and viewers. newsheater Sensationalism is their main tool. Put a little fear in to you and you will keep coming back. You don’t need the opinions of every self proclaimed expert out there. Go with the facts, do your own research, and be confident in your decisions. If you don’t have the time to do your own research, let me tell you about my secret research tool.

Consider subscribing to a service like Action Alerts Plus where an expert like best selling author and CNBC commentator Jim Cramer is doing your research for you and all you have to do is buy and sell when he tells you to execute the trade. My secret is that I don’t have enough time to do all of my research so I let Action Alert Plus do it for me. This research is fact based and while opinion is offered, it is always heavy on fact so you have the tools to make your picks.

While the endless supply of stock market news can help you make intelligent decisions, sometimes it can be overwhelming. Take the facts that are given to you, either be confident in your stock picking or get some help from somebody who has a proven track record of success.

Is your investment portfolio stuck in neutral? ┬áto try Action Alerts Plus FREE for 14 days. vpxco Jim Cramer, best selling author and host of CNBC’s Mad Money has been helping the part time investor put their stock portfolio in to overdrive by e-mailing money making stock picks to your e-mail box each day.


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