Ben 10 Games – More Than a Cartoon Program

Ben 10 is an animated cartoon film that stars a young boy with the ability to possess alien abilities. He wears a watch-like device on his wrists that helps him to assume the personality of supernatural aliens. Games created from this film have being a big boom especially to kaufen sie k2 online young kids.

The Ben 10 games involve the player into assuming the role of Ben and help in solving mysteries and evil. The first of these was first released in mid 2007. These video games were released alongside other merchandise like toys, card games and books to boost its sales. The most popular video game is Ben 10: Protector of the earth. The game is mostly guided by time. This is because; Ben can only assume the personality of an alien for a limited length of time; after which all of his powers diminishes. As the player progresses into different levels, [the play becomes more difficult. However, with every level, he is able to unlock special powers and also remain an alien for a longer period.

Other popular Ben 10 games are the Alien Force, Vilgax attacks, the rise of Hex and the Ultimate Alien: cosmic destruction. The Ultimate alien: cosmic destruction is more involving as it is set in real time places such as Paris, the Amazon, Rome, Great Wall of China and Tokyo. It is the 5th video game to be released and the major role played by Ben/the player is save these places, and the rest of the world from the cosmic storm. anime4up The player needs to face other 15 aliens in order to succeed with the mission.

The latest video game from Ben 10 is the Rise of Hex. It was released in 2010, May by the Xbox live Arcade. The game is easy to download and play directly from the PC. All of these are very cheap to purchase. On average, one sells at $9.99 and free shipping is offered to all orders that exceed $25.00. These games have special figures that make the game more involving like the sound effects and lighting as well as special images. All of these can be bought from online stores or other toy and departmental stores for kids. jiliko Playing against other players like friends of family makes it more fun and enjoyable.


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