Building Effective Squeeze Pages To Generate Leads

Landing pages, now referred to as “squeeze” pages by most in the internet marketing community, kms auto are the doors to your business opportunity. These pages capture emails and build lists, which are vital to internet marketing success.

A squeeze page dryer repair san diego can make or break an internet marketing business and the way they are constructed involves a lot of psychology. If they are constructed wrong, they can kill a business.

Creating a squeeze page is something that many new to internet marketing approach with dread. It could be because of technical questions like how to upload the squeeze page, outdoor living how to word it or not knowing where to put the page.

You need a targeted list of prospects and you need to have some way of capturing their information, but after you have built your first successful squeeze page you’ll be glad to know the process gets very much easier! 插花,花藝

To build a successful squeeze page here is what you must do:


    1. Choose a design that would make YOU want to opt in.


    1. Your squeeze page should make people eager to opt in.


    1. Decide if you want your prospect to either opt in or just leave, 生意頂讓 or do you want to offer more information?


    1. K.I.S.S. applies – don’t confuse or distract your prospect with extraneous and unnecessary stuff, including fancy graphics.


    1. Don’t confuse your prospect by offering more than one option or navigation links that will take them away from your page. Once they’ve gone, they stay gone.


    1. Make it easy to read, fancy name short and to the point. You don’t need 3″ high purple letters saying “Opt in Now” – it makes you look amateurish and desperate.


    1. Start with a strong headline.


    1. Including a very short video may be more effective than a load of written text.


    1. Don’t put your opt in box at the bottom of a long page, silentdiscopamp people may get bored before they get to it.


  1. Add an arrow as a call to action, pointing to your opt in box.


Start out with a few designs if you are not sure which will work best. Keep an eye on which squeeze page is producing the best results, and replace the others with that one.

Sometimes it takes a little experimenting to find what works best for you.

Before you build your squeeze page, you should have already chosen an autoresponder service such as Aweber. When people opt in on your squeeze page they will get an email and then confirm that they have joined and be automatically sent a welcome message, written by you.

Don’t even try to set up a squeeze page without an autoresponder service, you’ll spend all day answering emails and building your own lists. Aweber retains all your prospects’ emails for you and if you get 50,000 responses you won’t have to fear that if your computer crashes, those vital emails will be gone forever!

When you design the opt in box for your squeeze page, consider what fields you want to include. You may want a full name and address if you want to do a physical mail out of a free gift. Getting a prospect’s birthday means you can also send out a birthday card – the autoresponder will do that too! Getting a zip code as well can give you an idea of where your prospects are coming from and can empower further marketing efforts. For more info please visit here:-

There’s lots of things to consider when building a good squeeze page, but if you follow the points above you should be happily squeezing out leads in just a few days!


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